The Oscars 2020 Wrap Up: Best & Worst Dressed Men

Following on from our extremely popular Instagram stories covering Men's style at the Oscars, here are some of the highlights.


Brad Pitt

Hollywood Royalty.

Brad, we would like to honour you with a standing ovation to you and this perfectly tailored, well-made luxurious Brioni suit.

Brad Pitt has definitely made a comeback with his own personal style, never has he looked better since he appeared on the GQ campaign.

This outfit will have men around the globe rushing to their fashion emporium boutiques screaming " TAKE MY MONEY AND MAKE ME LOOK LIKE BRAD" it is already happening in store at Khirzad

The only criticism we can give to this ensemble is the lazy hem on the pants, as they are an inch to long. It helps looking like brad, but overall standout.



Tom Hanks

This has got to be on par with Brad Pitt.

Can we give Tom hanks a Black-tie standing ovation please? It does help being best friends with Tom Ford himself, as this is tailoring heaven for us in the industry. We can already foresee the amount of orders and gents walking through Khirzad requesting this Overall look.

The bowtie, pocket square, shoes, sleeve cuff, shawl lapel, pretty much every detail on Tom has been executed like a true gentleman.

Well done Mr. Hanks, not only a fine longstanding actor, but now a tuxedo god.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo, Leo Leo,

Thank you Mr. Armani for dressing this absolute gent. Leo dresses very classically, nothing is too much for the eye but the overall well thought out and tailored look makes this outfit a kill.

The only criticism we have is that his bow tie isn't in proportion to his head and shoulders, remember gents it's very important to keep that in mind when wearing a bow tie, especially if you have a larger head and thicker neck, opt for a freestyle bow tie that slops a bit and isn't too stiff.

Lastly, the way he is standing is so pleasing to the eye, Gents take note here as this is a perfect stance for your wedding pictures, as its not conflicting with the silhouette of the suit.


Edgar Ramirez

Jaw dropping Edgar Ramirez in our favourite tobacco velvet smoking jacket, you can say this look blew us away.

This is Sartorial heaven, and we absolutely think how impeccably well-tailored this is. The oversized floppy bowtie and cheeky white pocket square are the little touches that make the overall look a standout for us.

We also seek different styles, but some don't know how to execute it and they go overboard which can make it slightly tacky, but this has us drooling.


Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is so cool, he oozes confidence and charm, and although he is ethical and sustainable in this Stella McCartney suit, we can't help but critique the overall laziness of the suit. But it's hard when what he stands for is more than Image. so will give him a pass on this one.  


Antonio Bandares

Once Upon a time in Mexico, Antonio used to make a few hearts skip a beat, but now he is just making all of us Yawn.

This very old school classic suit by Dior has made this a slaughter for us. The weak lapels, length of the jacket and lapel line makes it extremely disproportionate. the unflattering baggy pants and small stiff bowtie fail their overall look.

Nothing more we can say but, what shame!



Slaughter at its finest. Kanye, we can't express much on this leather ensemble, but boy oh boy you must be sweating in that. it's a NO from us.


Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves bringing his mum and holding her with the upmost respect makes our hearts a bit warm.

This Dolce & Gabbana piece has us sitting on the fence really. It doesn't blow us away and for someone so famous and powerful, you would think they would be bringing their A game, but this is very average.

Also, when wearing a three piece, it's very important to have the jacket unbuttoned to show off the Waist coat, so it doesn't look to constrictive and full on the upper body like it does on old sport Keanu.


Omar Sharif Jnr

Omar Sharif Jnr.

Double breast and Brown wide peak lapel suit! This is sartorial heaven! The chocolate brown hues work perfectly with satin and patent black accessories.

This is a new take on the Tuxedo for a black-tie event, but he executed is extremely well as its tailored to perfection. The only criticism we have on this very well put suave look is that Omar has buttoned the last button on the double breast, which is painful to our eyes, but that's the only fault we can give.

So, for us he KILLED it!


Tom Ford did it once again, Oscar Isaac dressed to kill.

The things that stand out to us is obviously the impeccable tailoring on the suit, as it looks like it was custom made for him. He has been dressed in proportion to his height and build, as he doesn't look like a very tall man, but the art of tailoring can fool an eye.

This is Effortless and the small details such as the sleeve cuff, velvet bow tie and watch make this salt and pepper gent a classic standout.



Here's a few more looks from the Oscars.