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How is it that time of the year again!

We know how crazy this time of the year can be, especially at work and your social calendar. Every time you get an invitation to a Christmas party or gathering with the dress code titled; “cocktail” or “semi-formal” don’t get anxious and hit the panic button, this is a very fresh and stylish dress code and one that is easy to master if you know the basics and the fundamental rules or simple you have Khirzad down the street to help you with your Fashion crisis and last minute getups.

The one fundamental rule to all of this is that, let’s not forget, you have worked hard all year and it’s time to go out drinking and eating with great people, during all this, it’s very important to look great and not boring, you owe it to yourself to look your absolute best with some key pieces that will get your colleagues and friends wondering what Milan fashion week you just stepped out from; so we cannot express to you that just because it’s the end of the year or a blazing hot summer and closer to a holiday, that you simply give up on your dress standards to these events, no it should be more "how do I look like a sprezzatura king"

If your event is taken place during the day, then you can opt for a two tone outfit. A blazer with a linen or semi-formal shirt, open collar and fresh high waist pants, (no belt off course) paired with a nice pair of loafers and an exaggerated Como silk pocket square that brings out the essence of the Amalfi Coast. I know your probably thinking “it’s just a pocket square, it can’t have that much impact calm down” well let us tell you, a jacket without a tie is simply a jacket crying out for a pocket square. This piece of fabric is so powerful it can easily create impact and depth to your outfit, especially the "Khirzad" way of placing it in the pocket is an art to make it stand out.

If your event has stated “black tie” then it is a must to wear a smoking suit, tuxedo or a smoking jacket paired with a different tone trousers. In these events we always say, well you wear a tie to every other event or to work, why don’t you bring out the dandy gentleman out for the night and wear a Bow tie. There is nothing more elegant that a freestyle bow tie, although a little complicated putting on and perfecting it (don’t worry we will pre tie for you) the traditional look and the way it flops on the neck is so ever charming and even more beautiful when you untie it half way through the night after a few glasses of whiskey and let is drape over your shirt. Remember these accessories you must pair with a pocket square. You can even add a pocket chain by Tagliatore to take your evening outfit to another level.

At Khirzad, we have curated a few looks for you, that you can find it store so you can celebrate this festive season in style.

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