At Khirzad we like to keep is simple for the client. Our relationship and reputation with you is the backbone of the company. We offer a few different services to make your life easier when purchasing your next piece.


Every piece in store is ready to wear, but all our two piece or three piece suits require hemming on the trousers. As one would know, every man is shaped differently with different proportions. The Italian brands we cater in store fit impeccably well but keep in mind all suiting needs to be tailored to your body type. At Khirzad we are trained and experienced to pin every garment to suit your body shape. The magic happens with our very talented and reputable tailor in Perth, ESR tailoring. They are a small family owned business that have been operating since 1976. Elias himself takes pride in tailoring every garment from Khirzad by hand finishing off the tailoring with such detail and precision that every one of our client only comes in for the one final fitting.


At Khirzad we showcase many different styles to suit the look you desire on your important day. We offer a very pleasurable and easy experience when purchasing your wedding suit. Why not come through with your wedding party, drink whiskey and get suited up. After all you only get married once, so make it worthwhile like a true gent.  You can make a booking with us by sending us an email so we can be prepared for your arrival.


Khirzad has a particular aesthetic, the true Italian style. Our Mannequins are a sartorial show piece so they are there to entertain and inspire you. We are not only for the dandy, majority of our clients are corporates. We have a wide range of RTW business suits, shirts, trousers, ties and shoes. We also offer casual pieces. We spend the time in getting to know you, but we also make the process very easy and quick.